Q: What is Nykaa Affiliate Program? What are the benefits of joining NAP?

Nykaa Affiliate Program (NAP) is a program run by Nykaa that allows external content publishers to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements from the Nykaa universe (,, that are targeted to publishers content and audience and divert traffic to Nykaa

For example if you are an author of a makeup blog, you can choose to advertise popular (precomputed) or curated makeup products from on your blog to your customers. Your customers get quick access to a collection of curated or automatically suggested makeup products and you make commission when your customers purchase while clicking on those ads. These ads can be used on social media as well as blogs

These advertisements are administered, and maintained by Nykaa.

Q: Do I have to pay something for joining NAP?

No. Joining NAP is absolutely free of cost.

Q: What are the criteria’s of being an affiliate?

Being an affiliate is easy. If you are a blogger/influencer/author with a website/blog/social media page to promote products you can be a part of the Nykaa Affiliate Program. It is extremely important to have some social media presence with relation to beauty or fashion. If this criteria is not followed, your account will not be approved.

Q: What are the criteria’s of getting approved by NAP?

Getting an approval by NAP is not very hard. Make sure all your social media/blog information is true and organic and all your account information is filled out well and correctly.

Q: How long will it take to get an approval of my profile?

It would take a minimum of a week to get approval on your profile. A confirmation mail is sent once your profile has been approved.

Q: Can I apply again if I have gotten rejected once?

Yes. There is not limit on the number of times a person can apply.

Q: It has been more than a month since my account has not been approved? What is the reason?

This is because your account has been rejected. This would be because you have not followed the affiliate criteria or you details are missing or incorrect.

Q: How to join the Nykaa Affiliate Program?

Being a part of the Nykaa Affiliate Program is easy.

Step:1 - Make your account on
Step:2 - Tell us what kind of content do you publish on your website, blog or social media.
Step:3 - Select the categories which you think your audience will be most interested in.
Step:4 - Update your payment and tax info

Voila! Just one single approval from Nykaa and you are on Nykaa Affiliate Network

Q: What’s next when I get approved on NAP?

As soon as your details on Nykaa Affiliate Program get approved, you get a detailed dashboard where you can:

  • Select the Ads/widgets you want to show
  • Manage your account
  • Check performance reports
  • Get info about the advertising rates
  • Get access to our help section
Please note - The dashboard gets updated every 48 hours. That means, if someone has clicked on your affiliate link, it will only be visible on your dashboard post 48hours.

Q: My Account has been disabled why?

60 days of inactivity/poor performance could result in suspension from the account. Hence request you to ensure that you are able to deliver atleast 10 orders in 60 days to stay on the program.

Q: Ok, I quickly want to put an ad to my blog about lipsticks. What should I do? How do I build a link?

Example – You want to promote a lipstick on your blog. This is what you do:-

  • On your dashboard home page, type lipstick in the search bar
  • You will get results about all the ‘Lipsticks’ available on Nykaa
  • Get link for the item you like
  • Copy and paste the link to ‘the link maker’ on your affiliate dashboard.
  • Choose the way you’d like to display the link
  • Paste it on your website/blog
A detailed video has also been attached on your dashboard to show the breakdown of this process.

Q: What kind of Ads can I show on my website?

Product Ads:Link specific products [You can select a specific product]

Page Ads:Link specific pages [ You can select a category and the type of page, we will serve the content]

Q: Great! I have put ads on my website, how will I check if they are working?

No worries. You have a reports section in your NAP dashboard.
Under the reports section there a “ Orders and Traffic Report” that shows a detailed breakdown of your ads. This dashboard is updated in every 48 hours.

  • see a snapshot of your performance on a daily basis.
  • download reports for a specific time period
  • Check the payment history

The report includes:
  • # of clicks through your affiliate links
  • Total # of items ordered through your Affiliate Links
  • Total # of items dispatched to customer
  • Total # of returned items (when customers returned products for a refund)
  • Conversion: the number of products ordered divided by the number of clicks on your Affiliate Links
  • Shipped Items Revenue: an overview of the sales of already-sent products
  • Total Earnings: total earnings from referral fees
  • Commision Paid
  • Commision due
Note, the attribution engine of Adobe Analytics will be used for this dashboard. The integration will be seamless.

Q: Which Nykaa products can I promote on my blog?

Nykaa products of all categories can be uploaded on your blog.

Q: What if customer returns/cancels the product

If a customer cancels/ returns a product you will not been paid commission for it. The commission is passed only once the order is fully complete and successful.

Note: If an order has 5 products and even 1 is returned, you won’t be given commission for the entire order.

Q: When will I get paid? How long will it take to get my payment cleared?

Every affiliates final commission amount gets processed 15 days after the month ends. Once the amount is processed, your commission starts from Rs.0 again.
You would receive an email from the NAP team to acknowledge this amount. Post this acknowledgement you payment would take 30-35 days to reflect in your amount.
For GST invoices, we would require you to e-sign an invoice and send it back to us. Post this your payment will take 40-45 days to reflect in your account.

Q: What are the payment options? Can I get a cash payment?

Unfortunately we do not offer cash payment yet. Your payment will directly get transferred to your bank account. Payments usually take 30-35 days to get processed.

Q: If someone adds a more than one product to their cart through the affiliate link, will I get paid just for the product link or everything in the cart?

Any product added to cart through the affiliate link within 48 hours will be commissioned to your Affiliate ID.

Q: What are the requirements to process a payment?

To process any payment we would require your PAN Card and correct bank details. If you have a GST number we would require to you raise a GST invoice to receive your final amount.

Q: I don’t have a website, can I still join NAP?

Yes. You can join NAP even if you don’t have a website. You can still promote products through your blog or social media page.

Q: Are the reports updated real time?

No, the reports are updated every 48 hours.

Q: Are self-orders allowed/ Can I order products for my self?

Yes. Self orders are allowed but only limited numbers. Only 10 self orders in one year are allowed. More than 10 self orders will not be calculated on the dashboard.

Q: I haven’t gotten the same payment amount as reflected on my dashboard. Why?

This is because your order has either been refunded or cancelled.
Clicks reflect on your dashboard in 48 hours. Every time an order is placed through your link, it is reflected on your dashboard 6 days after it has been delivered.

Post this, orders can be cancelled, rejected, replaced or returned. These are not reflected on the dashboard keeping your amount the same which is why in certain situations there is a difference in your dashboard and payment email.

The payment email is your final amount post cancelations, rejections, replacements & returns.

The other situation is when there is a delay in delivery or update from delivery partner. In such situations we sent out recon emails once in 2 months with all your pending amounts from the previous months.

Q: Who can I contact for more information on NAP?

You can contact our customer support team on for more information on NAP.